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Christmas Gift Guide

There are three hardware options in this lineup, including a Recording Studio USB audio interface for $119, a Vocal Studio with a USB microphone for $99, and a USB keyboard version called KeyStudio that goes for $129.

The USB audio interface features an XLR microphone and instrument inputs, as well as RCA output. It's basically a two-channel interface, in and out, with some nice big gain adjustment knobs up top, a switch for microphone phantom power on the back, and the option for a zero-latency direct headphone monitoring on the front.

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The Avid KeyStudio bundle offers a 49-note keyboard that connects to your computer over USB. On the left side you'll find additional controls for octave selection and expression controls.
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The Avid KeyStudio also includes a small USB interface with minijack input and output.
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If you don't want to fiddle with knobs and just want the most direct way to get quality recordings into your computer, the VocalStudio USB mic is the way to go. A metal tripod and leather pouch, also come included. As the name implies, this is an ideal setup for recording vocals or podcasts, but it works just as well for recording your guitar amp or pretty much anything that makes a noise. At $99, with Pro Tools SE included, it's really a killer value.
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The mic uses a rugged, all-metal design, with a USB output on the bottom and a headphone jack on the front.
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