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E-David portrait

Created by a team at the University of Konstanz in Germany, e-David is a painting robot -- not the kind that spray-paints auto parts, but the far more artistic variety. Here are some of its creations.
Photo by: University of Konstanz

Abe Lincoln

E-David, a standard robot that has been taught to paint, snaps a picture of what it wants to copy and takes it from there on canvas. It doesn't have to be programmed with directions that tell it how to paint but uses something called "visual optimization" to make its own decisions. After each brushstroke, e-David takes a picture, and its software calculates whether the image needs to be lightened or darkened, and where.
Photo by: University of Konstanz


As an artist with diverse interests, the robot e-David paints landscapes in addition to portraits. Here's its image of the famed Matterhorn on the border between Switzerland and Italy.
Photo by: University of Konstanz

Holding hands

While E-David isn't the first robot painter we've met, the images it produces look strikingly organic and fluid. E-David can use five different brushes and choose color from a repository of 24 shades.
Photo by: University of Konstanz

E-David does Doomer

This is E-David the robot's take on Rembrandt's 1640 portrait of Amsterdam ebony worker Herman Doomer, who made fine cabinets and chests.
Photo by: University of Konstanz

George Clooney

E-David is not above the celebrity portrait, as demonstrated by its drawing of actor George Clooney.
Photo by: University of Konstanz

Joschka Fischer

The artistic robot E-David, created in Germany, painted this portrait of German politician Joschka Fischer, who served as foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998 to 2005.
Photo by: University of Konstanz


Another nature image by E-David, a painting robot created by a team at the University of Konstanz in Germany. It's fascinating to observe the delicate accuracy with which E-David paints, ponders its brushstrokes, and returns for more paint.
Photo by: University of Konstanz


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