Apple has just finished telling us all about its new revision of the iPod touch, so we thought we'd do the only good thing and show you all the shiny official pictures.

The new iPod touch may not look any different to the previous version, but it's what's underneath the covers that counts. It's running iOS 5 -- the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system that brings over-the-air updates, advanced camera features and a handy notification centre to easily see new messages and app alerts.

Twitter integration has been built into the user interface across several apps so you can tweet a photo or video directly from your camera album or YouTube without having to manually attach it to a tweet in the Twitter App.

It also offers iMessage, a free messaging service for chatting to friends and family who also have an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. It still packs the pin-sharp retina display so pictures, videos and apps will all look stunning.

Sadly, Apple hasn't updgraded the camera to an 8-megapixel sensor with 1080p movie capture as it has with the iPhone 4S, but it will still do the job for some family snaps and for FaceTiming -- that's video calling -- your mates.

It's available now in black or white from the Apple store in 8GB, 32GB and new 64GB capacities for £169, £249 and £329 respectively.

That's the new iPod touch. Looks the same doesn't it?
It's available in a white flavour too. Golly!
The video capture hasn't been upgraded to the iPhone 4S's 1080p sadly.
There's a 64GB option on the new iPods, so there's plenty of room to store all those tunes.
Of course, there's still full access to all those apps to keep you busy on the bus. And the toilet.
New features on iOS 5 include iMessage and the notification centre.
iCloud will sync content across all your iOS devices. That's nice isn't it?
The iPod touch packs a pin-sharp retina display. Look at that horse -- look at its lovely mane.
You can mirror video and apps to your TV using AirPlay.
You can also throw your documents to an AirPlay enabled printer. If you want.
Look at them all. Don't they look happy?
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