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ADzero bamboo phone

Kieron-Scott Woodhouse


Lighter than an iPhone



The ADzero smartphone is made from 4-year-old organically grown bamboo and will be available in the U.K. first at design-focused retailers and boutiques, and later at other markets. Details about pricing and release date were not announced at this time.
Caption by / Photo by ADzero
The bamboo smartphone started as a concept by Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse (pictured here on the right). A technology entrepreneur contacted Woodhouse after spotting his design online, and now the handset is becoming a reality.
Caption by / Photo by ADzero
Woodhouse and team explored using other material to construct the phone but chose bamboo because it grows fast, is sustainable, and can be locally sourced from China, where the handsets are made. The wood is also treated for extra durability.
Caption by / Photo by ADzero
The ADzero is half the weight of an iPhone and also has a larger screen, but the company didn't provide any specific numbers.
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It also has an unspecified camera, with a flash that encompasses the entire lens. Woodhouse says this will provide more even illumination and minimize shadows.
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The ADzero bamboo phone runs on the Android operating system, but the company didn't reveal which version.
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