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At a razor-thin 9.98mm (0.39-inches), Acer's new Swift 7 laptop is one of the skinniest Windows 10 machines you can carefully wrap your hands around.

Its small size might make it the ultimate business traveller's laptop, but you'll have to sacrifice a touch-enabled screen which has become something of a staple on many recent laptops.

The Swift series all feature metal chassis, and a variety of the latest Intel Core processors -- which one, depends on which specification model you choose. All models feature USB-C ports, and all weigh just a touch over 1kg (about 3 pounds).

The entry-level Swift 1 starts at 349 euros in Europe (that's about £297) and $249 in the US. The top-end Swift 7, seen here, will cost $999 and 1,299 Euros (£1,106). All models will hit shelves in October.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Here it is next to an iPhone 6S Plus, to show just how ludicrously skinny this thing is.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET

It's very comfortable to carry around all day and you won't notice it nestling in between your notebooks and papers in your backpack.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The keys are thin, but comfortable to type on.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The screen isn't touch-enabled, but there's an extra-wide trackpad to navigate around the Windows 10 interface.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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