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The Acer Aspire 7600U is a glorious-looking all-in-one Windows 8 touchscreen PC, available in the UK from November, starting at a pocket-emptying £1,499. But look how handsome it is, with its floating-on-air glass stand only slightly ruined by those ghastly little stickers. They'll soon peel off.

Even tastier is the stainless steel support stand, which dinkily conceals the unit's power cord. This chap has class. Sadly, the costly design isn't quite backed up by its specs.

The 27-inch screen offers Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution, which is fine for sitting back and watching a Blu-ray, but if you're using it as a desktop computer, that's not very many pixels for so many inches of screen.

The Lenovo A720 we reviewed a few months ago had the same resolution and we found icons and text in particular to look fuzzy. Dell's new XPS One 27, by comparison, has 2,560x1,440 pixels in its same-sized display, and comes in at £1,200.

Inside, the 7600U has a little more gumption, with a hearty 8GB of RAM, a middling Core i5 processor and a relatively cheapo Nvidia GeForce GT 640 graphics card for starters, although you can pay more and up-spec. There's HDMI in and out too, so you can add a second (presumably smaller) display or use it as a monitor for your Xbox or PS3.

My canny US colleague Rich Brown, over at, went hands-on with the 7600U and reckoned it had "a certain superficial wow factor". I'm nothing if not superficial, so I can't wait to see it in the flesh myself.

Acer's also priced up a more modest all in one, the Aspire 5600U, which starts at £799 and looks like an articulated lorry compared to the 7600U -- check it out in the gallery above. Also Full HD, the 5600U has a more suitable 23-inch screen size, and a Blu-ray drive too. There's a 20GB solid-state drive with Windows 8 installed on it for speedy boot-up -- Acer claims just 1.5 seconds.

We'll be looking to have both of these fellows in for the full trousers-down, no-holds-barred review treatment very soon. In the meantime, put all your comments in one place in the box below, or visit our high-resolution Facebook page.

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There's that smart-looking kickstand. You can mount it on a wall too.
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It's Windows 8, so it's time for some entirely appropriate touching.
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There's that glass bottom, so you can admire the build up of dust behind your PC.
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The ports are hidden behind a small lip.
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Here's the Aspire 5600U, a 23-inch variant with a cheap-looking plastic arm.
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It can twist around though, which is hard to imagine an everyday use for.
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