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Location, location, location

Among the capabilities of the upcoming Office Communications Server "14" is improved location information.

OCS 14--the next version of Microsoft's business telephony, corporate instant messaging and presence server--is due out in the second half of the year.

Photo by: Microsoft

Activity feeds

With OCS 14, users can update their status at any time, with a list showing up in an activity feed, similar to what is available in consumer instant messaging.
Photo by: Microsoft

So, why are you calling?

Unlike in a traditional phone call, workers using OCS 14 will be able to enter a subject line--such as "The Contoso Account" at left--so a recipient knows why someone is calling before they answer.
Photo by: Microsoft

Which phone to use

A new menu lets workers choose which device to use for a call, such as a PC-connected headset or VoIP phone.
Photo by: Microsoft

Dial pad

Although one of the benefits of integrated communications is not having to remember phone numbers, a dial pad in OCS 14 lets people call the old-fashioned way if they wish.
Photo by: Microsoft

Ringing all over the place

A "simultaneous ring" feature lets a user choose, based on who is dialing, to have the calls ring in one location, more than one place, or go straight to voice mail.
Photo by: Microsoft

Skill search

A "skill search" feature lets workers see who is available with particular skills.
Photo by: Microsoft


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