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Location, location, location

Activity feeds

So, why are you calling?

Which phone to use

Dial pad

Ringing all over the place

Skill search

Among the capabilities of the upcoming Office Communications Server "14" is improved location information.

OCS 14--the next version of Microsoft's business telephony, corporate instant messaging and presence server--is due out in the second half of the year.

Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
With OCS 14, users can update their status at any time, with a list showing up in an activity feed, similar to what is available in consumer instant messaging.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
Unlike in a traditional phone call, workers using OCS 14 will be able to enter a subject line--such as "The Contoso Account" at left--so a recipient knows why someone is calling before they answer.
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A new menu lets workers choose which device to use for a call, such as a PC-connected headset or VoIP phone.
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Although one of the benefits of integrated communications is not having to remember phone numbers, a dial pad in OCS 14 lets people call the old-fashioned way if they wish.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
A "simultaneous ring" feature lets a user choose, based on who is dialing, to have the calls ring in one location, more than one place, or go straight to voice mail.
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A "skill search" feature lets workers see who is available with particular skills.
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