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Super Mario World choco-eggs

Bioshock beans in a can

World of Warcraft cookies

Bird burgers from Halo

Mass Effect 2 cocktail

Dung pie for Dark Souls

Grandma’s Elixir Soup

Sims 2 love potion

Hedgehog-pleasing hot dog

Grand Theft chicken sandwich

Zelda soup challenge

Daniella Zelli, author of the Gourmet Gaming blog, created these Yoshi eggs from Super Mario World to celebrate Easter. The chocolate pops require egg-shaped molds and lollipop sticks. Zelli shares her technique for creating the green spots, recommending that gamer-chefs exercise patience when making them.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
Finkton's Baked Beans appear as food for the workers in Finkton's Shanty-town in Bioshock: Infinite. Daniella Zelli's Gourmet Gaming recipe uses canned beans as a base and then adds tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. Zelli also offers this alternate cooking method: "Cram all the ingredients into a tin can. Use a blast of Devil’s Kiss to quickly and effectively cook and possibly incinerate the entire contents. Enjoy."
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
World of Warcraft's Winter Veil event comes complete with its own snacks, including gingerbread cookies. Gourmet Gaming features a recipe for making these tree-shaped cookies to snack on while you're completing your holiday-themed quests. Ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon add a pleasant gingerbread kick. It puts the "mmm-mm" in MMORPG.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
You had me at "Mountain Dew Energy Sauce." Gourmet Gaming blogger Daniella Zelli went to town when she created a real version of the Moa burger from Halo: Reach. She starts with ostrich burgers and creates a special sauce that contains Mountain Dew Energy drink as one of the key components. The ostrich stands in for actual moa, which is an extinct flightless bird.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
This colorful drink is meant to mimic the Serrice Ice Brandy from Mass Effect 2. The very blue cocktail is crafted from vodka, apricot brandy, Blue Curaçao, and lime juice. The bright red garnish is fashioned from sugar and food coloring. Gourmet Gaming creator Daniella Zelli even found a glass that matches the one in the game.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
In Dark Souls, you have the dubious opportunity to purchase dung pies from a merchant in the sewers. Gourmet Gaming writer Daniella Zelli's version of the dung pie is mercifully free from any actual dung. What it does have is cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Zelli describes the resulting treat as a cookie-brownie hybrid. "The crucial step in making a dung pie is the freezing of the dough, which prevents the cookie from spreading while cooking, and keeps it relatively uncooked on the inside," she writes.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
Daniella Zelli, author of the Gourmet Gaming blog, has fond memories of playing Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in high school. That was the inspiration for creating Grandma’s Elixir Soup from the game. This healthful root vegetable soup contains ingredients like parsnips and carrots. Photographing it in a partially full glass bottle helps to match it up to the game look.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
Gourmet Gaming posted this Sims 2 love potion #8.5 concoction as a Valentine's Day special. "If you’re looking to captivate a boy or girl this evening or you simply need someone to play co-op with because sometimes achievements demand you play a game with another person, then this is for you," writes blogger Daniella Zelli. The cocktail is made with raspberries and champagne, sure to make almost any Sims character fall in love.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
Sonic the Hedgehog has a fondness for hot dogs, but not just any plain hot dog. He loves chili dogs. Daniella Zelli, creator of the Gourmet Gaming video-game food blog, was compelled to explore this famous food. Zelli used to play Sonic on her Sega Mega Drive. Her recipe for a Sonic dog comes from a Sonic-themed comic that originally published the dish.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
The Cluckin' Bell Fowl Burger in Grand Theft Auto IV is advertised in the game as having 200 percent bigger breasts. Gourmet Gaming blogger Daniella Zelli suggests using a large chicken breast for her real-life version of the sandwich. "I don’t know about you, but any time I’ve walked into a Cluckin’ Bell some guy starts a fight with me, these gangs seem pretty protective of this chicken so it must be pretty awesome," she writes.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has been hailed as the last great game on the original Wii platform. It also features an unusual soup called Yeto's soup. Yeto is a Yeti-like creature that is cooking up a healing soup for his wife. Link's quest here is to provide Yeto with all the ingredients. Video-game food blogger Daniella Zelli faithfully included these items in her own version of the soup. It contains smoked fish, pumpkin, and goat cheese.
Caption by / Photo by Daniella Zelli
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