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14-inch Series 5 500 profile

The 14-inch Series 5 500 boasts a 1,366x768-pixel LED display and Samsung's sleek chassis. This prototype model the company had at the press event is white, but the final units will be silver.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

HD Audio by way of JBL

Furthering the company's push for laptops that double as home theater PCs, Samsung partnered with JBL to feature stereo speakers and a subwoofer on both new Series 5 notebooks.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

14-inch Series 5 500

The 14-inch Series 5 500 includes Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge processor and an Nvidia GeForce GT 630m graphics chip.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

15.6-inch Series 5

Bumping up to the larger of the two Series 5 laptops nets you an Intel Core i7 processor and a larger 750GB hard drive.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

Textured silver adorns both laptops

Both of the new Series 5 notebooks are bundled into slim, silver patterned bodies.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

15.6-inch Samsung Series 5 laptop display

Sporting a 1,368x768-pixel screen and a Nvidia GeForce GT 630M chip, the 15.6-inch Series 5 laptop from Samsung is well-equipped for students.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

Two new Series 5 Ivy Bridge laptops from Samsung

Just in time for students heading back to school, Samsung just announced two new Series 5 laptops that feature Intel's third-generation Ivy Bridge processors, JBL multimedia speakers, and a slim profile.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

15.6-inch LED

The larger notebook bundles a 15.6-inch screen and a step up to the Intel Core i7-3610QM chip.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

The larger 15.6-inch Series 5 laptop by Samsung

Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

Ready for multimedia

Both laptops include media designed in collaboration with JBL Audio.
Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET

An array of ports

Photo by: Justin Yu/CNET


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