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It was the time of the Preacher...

Cassidy 'rescues' Jesse

Showdown in Death Valley

Tulip wakes up

Herr Starr goes to a party

Don't look round

Jesse takes a punch

The meat man cometh...

You gotta be one of the good guys...

"Preacher", by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, is packed full of stunning moments. To celebrate the new "Preacher" TV series on AMC and Amazon, here are 6 of our favourite moments from the much-loved comic.

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The friendship between Jesse Custer and Cassidy gets off to a rocky start, but that friendship could be the best thing that ever happened to the Irish vampire. When he decides not to abandon his new buddy, we see Cass at his best. If only he was always like that...

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The "War in the Sun" arc is packed full of gobsmacking moments -- we can't wait to see the whole sequence on the big screen. If we had to pick one, we'd go for the moment that shows just how terrifyingly implacable is the Saint of Killers. The undead gunslinger has already won a shoot-out with a battalion of tanks when his enemies decide to go for, as it were, the nuclear option...

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It's not all fun times for the Preacher's crew. If we wanted to pick a moment where Tulip shines, we could have gone for any of the times she faces off against the Grail's troops and comes out on top. But the moment that really shows who Tulip is comes when she is at her lowest point. In her darkest hour, Tulip faces her demon... and shoots him, obviously.

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The one-shot issue "One Man's War" shows us the life of Herr Starr, chief muscle for a centuries-old religious conspiracy. Starr rarely bothers to disguise his disdain for pretty much everybody around him, and as detestable a villain as he is we can't help loving his hilarious line in insults. Here, he meets several world leaders -- and makes Margaret Thatcher a rather interesting proposition.

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"Preacher" is full of dark and macabre moments. Our favourite is this suspense-filled conversation involving Eisenstein, the Grail's diminutive and memorable enforcer. Don't look round...

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For a man of the cloth, Jesse sure knows how to throw a punch or two -- and take one, too. If any one moment shows Jesse's iron will, it's this one, stunning all assembled as he stops a punch that should kill him. The Preacher doesn't even flinch.

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And, finally, here's a moment we'd probably rather unsee. "Preacher" is full of twisted, blasphemous and flat-out deranged moments. We hope the TV series shares that weird taste, but honestly, we'd rather never again see what meat magnate Odin Quincannon keeps in his shed.

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"Preacher", starring Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, is on AMC in the US and Amazon Prime Video in the UK starting Sunday.

Caption by / Photo by Steve Dillon/Vertigo
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