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The Blu-ray Disc Association announced the final 3D specifications Thursday, and Sony's PlayStation 3 is included in the specification. That paves the way for Sony's promise of the PS3 being a full-fledged 3D platform.
Caption by / Photo by Nate Lanxon/CNET
3D TVs have been on the gadget show circuit for the last year, though they won't be hitting the stores until the second quarter of 2010 at the earliest. Here is LG's 3D demo from CES 2009. Expect to hear a lot more about 3D at CES 2010 next month.
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Besides watching movies, 3D can also be utilized by video game publishers for selling game titles. Here are the 3D stereoscopic glasses and IR emitter from Nvidia's the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit.
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Sony has been pushing 3D at home harder than many of the other TV makers, with the exception of perhaps Panasonic, which has been using "Avatar" to sell its 3D strategy.

Here is a demonstration from Sony's booth at Ceatec 2009 in Tokyo. The company says it will have both TVs, PlayStations, and Blu-ray players that will enable 3D video at home by the end of next year.

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