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These bikes are all geared up

The sun has returned! Here's a look at 20 of the coolest -- if not weirdest -- takes on the ultimate outdoor vehicle, the bike.

First up: A bike that's a work of art, and vice versa.

This Schwinn was decked out by artist Miki Yokoyama for a fundraiser to benefit the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House.

Photo by: schwinnbikes/Instagram

Bat cycle

This kinda-cute, kinda-terrifying ride swooped into action at Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival music festival in 2013.

Photo by: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fat-wheel bike

This presumably bouncy ride was spotted in action at a bicycle carnival in the Eastern European nation of Belarus.

Photo by: Sergey Lyashenko/Shutterstock

Rain-guard bike

This accessorized bike rolled through the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2014. Its rider, Rene Wuttig, invented the "foldable protection."

Photo by: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

The Spacelander

This futuristic work of fiberglass is actually way retro: The cool-looking model in the picture was produced in 1960. You can find it on display at the Bicycle Museum of America in New Bremen, Ohio.

Photo by: The Bicycle Museum of America/Facebook

Mando Footloose IM

CNET called this chainless e-bike a "humble" machine with a "daring design" It hides all its major parts and wiring within its metal body and a human-machine interface tracks the bike's vital signs and renders it unusable when detached. Sorry, pesky thieves.

Photo by: Mando Footloose/Facebook

Bread bike

While we suspect a carb-loaded frame doesn't provide optimal aerodynamics, we applaud this bicycle's ability to provide a hearty on-the-go snack.

Photo by: Marin Museum of Bicycling

LeSports Super Bike

This sleek machine is currently produced for the Chinese market. Part mountain bike, part phone, it boasts an Android touchscreen, a quad-core processor and laser pointers.

Photo by: LeSports/Twitter

Car-tire-wheel bike

The car-tire thing is a popular one for folks who trick out bikes. This project was done, according to its builder, with the frame of a Murray Monterey.

Photo by: jeep2003/YouTube

Tall bike

You've gotta have at least one tricked-out tall bike in a tribute to tricked-out bikes, right? Right. This one was captured tooling down Wilshire Boulevard at one of Los Angeles' CicLAvia events in 2016.

Photo by: ciclavia/Instagram

Larry vs. Harry Bullitt

This super-fast cargo bike from Denmark's Larry vs. Harry was spotted doing its thing -- and looking good -- in downtown Tokyo.

Photo by: Anirut Thailand/Shutterstock

Going-'round-in-circles bike

No one said tricked-out bicycles had to be practical, including the guys who rode this circuitous number at a Moscow festival in 2013.

Photo by: Pukhov K/Shutterstock

Spider-web bike

AtomicZombie is the brainchild of two bike-building enthusiasts from Ontario, Canada. The online company sells instructions on how to make your own tricked-out bicycle, like this one that's fit for a web slinger.

Photo by: AtomicZombie/Facebook

Demon bike

This vision in purple is the creation of Bicycle Makeover, a New York customizing shop specializing in vinyl wraps that transform your bike but -- and this is no small thing -- also maintain your factory warranty.

Photo by: Bicycle Makeover/Facebook

24-karat gold bike

This precious piece made its eye-catching debut at the 2010 Luxury & Yachts Expo in Verona, Italy.

Photo by: Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images

Trek Zora

The carbon-fiber-molded beauty from Trek promises touch-activated controls and integrated smart display. It currently only exists as a prototype, but you can drool at its sleek lines now.

Photo by: ridemediahq/Instagram

Blackhawks-or-bust bike

This sweet-looking custom bike, by Arizona's Ironhorse Custom Bicycles, looks to have been built for a customer with a love of motors -- and Chicago Blackhawks hockey.

Photo by: Ironhorse Custom Bicycles

A Whizzer-ized Schwinn

Back in the day, the Whizzer was an engine kit that allowed DIY-ers to add kick to their two-wheelers. This one was married to a 1948 Schwinn with 26-inch wheels.

Photo by: The Bicycle Museum of America/Facebook

Materia Fixed-Gear Bike Wudu

Like all of the bicycles made by Latvia's Materia, the Wudu sports a wooden frame. If you're worried about its ash-walnut combo splitting, take heart: The manufacturer says every bike is tested, "in computer simulations and in a certified laboratory."

Photo by: Materia Bikes/Facebook

Monark Gene Autry

The details on this bike of the cowboy-TV era of the 1950s are awesome: Horse head, toy gun and holster, fringe and studded fenders.

Photo by: The Bicycle Museum of America/Facebook


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