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Take a look at some of the new sights and characters that players can expect from Grand Theft Auto V.

Assuming that magical date doesn't slip, Grand Theft Auto V will be in our lives around mid-September. Until then, you can fill that aching void with this new selection of screenshots from the world of Los Santos. These images really hammer home the fact that — just in terms of the size of the game world — this is the biggest GTA ever, with a wide variety of areas.

GTA V will have three playable characters, Trevor, Michael and Franklin, who you'll be able to swap between as the game progresses.


The "star" of the early trailers, Michael, one of the playable characters, is a successful career criminal who's retired and now lives an affluent life in an unofficial witness-protection scheme.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Sky diving

Sky diving? Sure, why not? If you can pilot a jet, you should certainly be able to jump out of one.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar


Trevor is another player character, an unstable, psychotic ex-military type. He's also a dab hand at avoiding the authorities while on a motorbike.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Scuba diving

Looks like GTA V will take some of the action under the sea, where our protagonists will find no ugly accusations, just friendly crustaceans.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Los Santos

Don't be fooled by the beautiful lighting. We assume Los Santos will be just as deadly as you'd expect from a GTA locale.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar


It's hard to tell under the mask, but this could be the third playable character, Franklin, the up-and-comer of the group, showing off the chain-gun cha-cha.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Police action

Police helicopters are bad news for any player.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Green energy

Nice to see that Los Santos has jumped on the renewable energy bandwagon with this wind farm.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Nasty weather

Thunder and lightning: very, very frightening, especially if you were on that Ferris wheel.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar

Wilderness camp

The action in the games stands a good chance of moving out of Los Santos proper and into the rather picturesque countryside nearby.

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar
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