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Benedict Cumberbunny

Glowing bunnies...because science

Bunny the size of a bacterium

Frank the Rabbit

Frank the bunny slippers

Killer rabbit

Energizer Bunny

Bunny gadget for dogs

Rabbit ears

Wi-Fi smart rabbit

Easter is coming and so are herds of stuffed-animal rabbit toys. But your spring holiday celebration doesn't have to be normal. We've rounded up a warren full of strange, scary and (yes) cute bunnies for your seasonal enjoyment.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has legions of fans. UK food artist Jen Lindsey-Clark created this hybrid between a chocolate Easter bunny and Cumberbatch. Naturally, it's called the "Cumberbunny." The oddball creation is edible and features Cumberbatch's stately visage attached to a rabbit neck as large ears extend upward. It's one of the more unusual celebrity tributes ever dreamed up.

Caption by / Photo by UKChocolatician/Twitter

Scientists created some bunnies that glow under blacklight back in 2013. The process involves injecting a flourescent protein culled from jellyfish DNA into the rabbit embryos. Only two bunnies out of a group of eight came out with the ability to glow, but they certainly look strange as they emanate a gentle green color under blacklight.

Caption by / Photo by University of Hawai`i Manoa

A team of physicists and chemists wanted to demonstrate a new type of resin for use in electrodes. They could have just made a blob of it, but instead they formed it into the shape of a rabbit. At just a few micrometers across, it's about the size of a bacterium. Despite its minuscule stature, it's still as cute as can be.

Caption by / Photo by Optical Materials Express

Never has a bunny looked scarier than with Frank the Rabbit from the cult movie "Donnie Darko." Frank's frightening presence haunts the film with his twisted ears, bulging eyes and prominent teeth. He's a harbinger of the end of the world, but at least his furry belly looks pet-able.

This outstanding Frank cosplayer roamed the halls of the Albuquerque Comic Expo in 2014.

Caption by / Photo by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We just met Frank the Rabbit from "Donnie Darko." Now meet his slippers. This horrifying take on classic bunny slippers is enough to make you fear the dark when you wake up in the middle of the night. You might want to hide them safely away in your closet before you go to bed. They're an exclusive item from UK weird-stuff retailer Firebox.

Caption by / Photo by Firebox

Don't be fooled. This innocent-looking bun-bun is anything but. Sure, it looks like a harmless rabbit, just hanging out by a skull and minding its own business, but it's actually the killer bunny from the 1975 comedy film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." It dispatches quite a few knights, only to be foiled by The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, which causes the death-monger to "snuff it."

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Battery company Energizer first introduced its unstoppable pink bunny toy in 1989 and it's still going strong all these years later. The Bunny lives in various forms and was even made into a hot air balloon. It never seems to get tired of smacking on its drum.

An animatronic version of the Bunny's head went up for auction in 2014. The ears are operated by a battery-powered electric motor. It's both compelling and terrifying.

Caption by / Photo by Energizer

Bunny-shaped gadgets aren't just for people. The Sleepy Bunny is a cute patchwork critter with a mechanical heart hidden inside. It mimics the sound of a heartbeat and is meant to soothe worried puppies with separation anxiety. The battery-powered "heart" is removable for when the little tyke grows into a big, chew-happy mutt.

Caption by / Photo by

You have to be of a certain age to remember back when rabbit-ear antennas were the only game in town for getting television signals. This retro TV set from LG arrived in 2010 and played hard on the nostalgia angle with its little legs, black-and-white display mode, functional knobs and prominent rabbit ears. This style of antenna has not completely died out. Many cord cutters still use them to get over-the-air shows.

Caption by / Photo by LG

The Karotz is a Wi-Fi connected rabbit with moving ears that came out in 2012. It was designed as an adorable smart companion that sounds off alarms, acts as a Webcam, tells you the weather and gives out social media updates. Nowadays, everyone just uses a smartphone. Back in 2012, some people preferred a bunny with a glowing LED tummy. Those were simpler times.

Caption by / Photo by Violet
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