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Zmanda backs up MySQL to your cloud of choice

Zmanda is now offering to back-up MySQL databases to your choice of cloud locations. It's a good move and a great cloud use-case.

Open source backup and recovery provider Zmanda, today announced that Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) now allows MySQL databases to be backed up to a destination of choice, including a remote cloud storage service. ZRM also allows on-premises MySQL databases to be backed up to the upcoming Sun Cloud Storage Service, which enables DBAs to create disaster recovery archives of databases on a flexible, secure and open public cloud.

I've written several times in the past that backups and disaster recovery are ideal cloud scenarios though there are still issues to be addressed:

  • Automation: How does the data get from internal servers to the cloud, or how does it get from individual databases?
  • Security: What is the security model that can be applied and managed universally?
  • Data integrity: How do I know that my data is actually my data if I am not in private space or virtual machines?
  • Risk: What is the risk of losing my data?

Targeting MySQL is a good idea--considering that the database is already geared toward web infrastructure, it's logical to assume that MySQL users would be comfortable using cloud storage and backups.

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