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You want the cute? You can't handle the cute!

It's no secret that we at Extra love animals. So when a site called Cute Overload got sent our way, we were instant fans., in all its pastel and fuzzy glory, is so sugary sweet that it will melt the heart of even the most cynical readers.

From baby penguins to big-eyed puppy friends, Cute Overload is stocked with photos that have hearts breaking around the world. Have a predilection for bunnies over kittens? Cute Overload has your back. The site categorizes photos by animal, so you can skip right to the critters you love best. All photos come with humorous captions, and the ever-evolving "Rules of Cuteness" help define exactly what makes something awwww-inspiring.

Congrats to Cute Overload, which was just nominated for four Bloggie awards, including Best American Weblog, Best Topical Weblog, Best New Weblog and Weblog of the Year. Share the site with your co-workers. Just don't blame us when the office becomes a chorus of "oohs" and "aahs".