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Yahoo to launch new music-video player

Yahoo is expected to launch a new music-video player on Friday, a spokeswoman for the company said.

One main difference between the new player and earlier versions is that the new one allows users to create a set list of music videos at the same time they watch clips, said Carrie Davis, a Yahoo spokeswoman. This means Yahoo's Video Player 3.0 can be programmed to play numerous videos one right after the other. Viewers can also search for clips while watching video.

The upgrade is now Mac- and Firefox-compatible, and offers higher-quality streaming that produces clearer images, Davis said.

Online video is contributing to a music-video renaissance for an industry that was really born 25 years ago when MTV debuted. Gadgets such as Apple Computer's iPod or Microsoft's digital music player, the Zune, allow music fans to watch the latest music videos from the Strokes or rapper Jay-Z while waiting for the train. At YouTube, Jimi Hendrix fans can watch the guitar master pound out a version of "Wild Thing" during his historic performance at the 1967 Monterey Bay Pop Festival.

Yahoo Music says it streamed more than 4 billion videos in 2005. The videos aren't compatible with mobile gadgets but they can be watched on any PC or Mac...for free.

Apple charges $1.99 for most music videos.