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XP weaknesses worry Black Hatters, report says

Sixty-seven percent of participants at Black Hat expressed concern about vulnerabilities in Windows XP.

According to an anonymous survey of Black Hat attendees released by Symantec, many are concerned about Windows XP and Vista when it comes to security.

The security company asked them: If you are an IT manager (non-researcher), which operating systems are you currently most concerned with having vulnerabilities? Sixty-seven percent of participants, who were permitted to give a multiple response, had concerns about possible vulnerabilities in the Windows XP platform. This was followed by Windows Vista (31 percent), Linux (19 percent) and Unix (18 percent). Mac OS garnered the least worry, with only 12 percent.

According to the report, 45 percent plan to research operating systems in the next year. More than half of all those surveyed said that they would be researching Windows Vista specifically.

Survey participants could choose more than one reason for what motivated them to research an "application or technology." Fifty-seven percent identified it as part of their job, while 44 percent chose "curiosity." Five percent said that they did it for "fame and credibility."