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Xobni commits to mobile version for BlackBerry

Xobni, the company responsible for an Outlook search add-on, let loose a plan to make the same service available for BlackBerry.

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After making a splash helping Windows users quickly search for conversations and contacts in their endless Outlook in-boxes with Xobni, the e-mail organizer company shared its plan on Monday to make the same service available for BlackBerry.

Xobni wouldn't elaborate on any program details, like how exactly it will look and work on the BlackBerry, but they did say that it will involve integration with the phone's address book.

"The app will be focused on contact and relationship management and bring a lot of the relationship features people like from Xobni in Outlook to the BlackBerry," added Xobni's co-founder, Matt Brezina.

If I were to take a stab at what's in store, I'd guess that Xobni's BlackBerry debut will include the Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and statistics information found in Xobni for Windows. The emphasis on relationship management rather than e-mail organization and search hints that shortcutting to e-mail messages from your BlackBerry contact list isn't an immediate part of Xobni's mobile plan--but we just don't know.

What we do know is that Xobni's BlackBerry version is expected to be available sometime in the summer. It won't be tied to corporate policies, and the download will be available through BlackBerry App World. It's not yet clear if the app will be compatible with phones whose operating systems predate version 4.2 of the BlackBerry device software.

Until more details trickle out, you can sign up in advance here.

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