XCom hot spot plans now available for U.S. travelers

Hot spot and MiFi renting company XCom has launched its services to customers traveling to the United States.

XCom MiFi router
Already available in 170 countries, XCom is bringing its MiFi routers for those traveling to the U.S. Stephen Shankland/CNET

Traveling around the globe while staying connected to the Internet can get tricky. One solution is to rent out MiFis or hot spots that work internationally for a daily fee. XCom Global is one such company that provides this service, and today it has announced that its portable routers are available for U.S. travel.

For $14.95 a day, visitors to the U.S. can rent out a hot spot and connect up to five devices. XCom can then ship your MiFi to your destination prior to your arrival; afterward, you can send the hot spot back in the mail.

I've used one of XCom's Global MiFis before while traveling to Barcelona, Spain, and I found it most useful while walking around town. Though the Mifi's battery drained quickly and I didn't always have a consistent connection, I was able to load up navigational directions on my phone several times without using mobile data.

If you're heading to the U.S. (or any of the 170 countries XCom offers its hot spots for), you should explore renting a MiFi as an option. Services like XCom can be more convenient and less expensive, especially if you're staying at a place that doesn't provide Wi-Fi, or your mobile data provider charges a steep rate for international travel.

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