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WWE Wrestling coming to a mobile phone near you

Wrestling fans will soon be able to take news and video highlights of their favorite stars like Shawn Michaels and John Cena on the go.

Starting June 1st, World Wrestling Entertainment, otherwise known as WWE, will launch its mobile web site where fans can buy ring tones and wall papers for their phones. They'll also be able to subscribe to news and video services that will deliver daily updates and short 2-3 minute videos directly to handsets.

The WWE is part of a growing number of brands that are bypassing carriers to sell their content directly to consumers over the mobile Internet. A WWE representative said the company is working with U.S. cell phone carriers to be included on their menus. But for the launch in June, they will be flying silo.

Instead of scrolling through the carrier "deck" or menu, users will be given a special SMS text code that they can enter into their phones to access the mobile site.

A company called Bango will provide the back-end billing service for the new WWE mobile site.