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Women Pro Gamers vie for Frag Doll slot

To some, it would probably be a surprise to learn that there are professional video-game teams. To others, the fact that there are teams made up entirely of women is second nature.

Ubisoft is hoping that it will inform and entertain both groups with its search for a new Frag Doll, the company's sponsored roster of hard-core gamers, who all happen to possess two X chromosomes.

As such, the company announced Tuesday night its eight finalists in an eight-month-long national search for a new Frag Doll.

Among them are Nin9tyNin9, a "Halo 2" and "Quake 3" fan from Phoenix, and PerfectDark, a killer "Ghost Recon 2" player from Brooklyn.

After a weekend of auditions and competitive game play at Ubisoft's San Francisco offices in early April, the company will name its final choice.

But not right away. First, editors from will film the auditions and then they will produce a Web-based reality series that will unveil the winner, most likely sometime before E3 in May.

You may also find regular tales of the auditions in these pages as well. Stay tuned.