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WithMe Bone concept soothes lonely dogs

A concept dog bone uses the sound of your voice and your smell to ease the mind and spirit of dogs with separation anxiety.

WithMe Bone concept
Sleep tight, little fuzzball. Yunfan Tan

Dogs are pack animals. When their pack leaders go off to work, leave on vacation, or go run some errands, life can feel awfully lonely for the pooches left behind.

Chinese product designer Yunfan Tan has an idea he hopes will ease the sadness for pouty pups. His WithMe Bone design plays to a dog's excellent senses of smell and hearing.

The idea is you stuff a worn piece of clothing like a sock into the bone. Small perforations let the smell out. A tiny voice recorder inside tapes you saying soothing messages to Fido, such as "Good boy!" or "Please don't pee on the rug." The audio is motion activated when the bone is shaken.

The WithMe Bone is a nice thought when it comes to dealing with a dog's anxiety, but it's just a concept at this stage. It's not too far off from giving a puppy a warm sweater you've worn and a ticking clock to make it feel more relaxed.

As many dog owners can attest, a buddy with separation anxiety can mean shredded furniture, whining, and other behavioral issues. Do you think a smelly, talking bone would make a difference? Let us know in the comments if you'd like to see this go into production, or if it should stay on the drawing board.

WithMe Bone
The bone opens up for your smelly sock. Yunfan Tan