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With space, vacuum sealer makes some noise

The Caso Hand Held Vacuum Sealer doesn't take up a lot of room and features cordless operation. The kitchen gadget can be used for food storage as well as for preserving wine.

Wine and dine with the Caso Hand Held Vacuum Sealer.
Wine and dine with the Caso Hand Held Vacuum Sealer. Williams Sonoma

Cluttered kitchen countertops don't exactly scream out for new gadgetry. Even when the learning curve is small, space may simply be an issue. So when an interesting appliance comes along, sometimes it can fall upon deaf ears. Change it up and make it into a form factor that can be held in the hand and suddenly people might start to listen.

For many, the concept of a vacuum sealer is sound, but the space the large, blocky appliance normally requires makes it a no-go. The Caso Hand Held Vacuum Sealer features a rechargeable battery and cordless operation. Docking into a base station in order to recharge, the unit also features a slim design that allows it to stand by at the ready without taking up a lot of counter space.

Included with the unit are specialized, reusable zip bags that can be used in the microwave, the freezer or even for sous-vide cooking. Not only is food storage (and food preparation) improved with the countertop gadget, but the device also includes nozzles that allow it to be used to vacate air out of open wine bottles. With its ability to make food and wine last longer, the handy gadget might not take up a lot of space on the countertop, but refrigerator and freezer shelves are another matter entirely.