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Windows tablets hope for Bay Trail power boost

Intel's reworked Atom processor could make a Windows 8.1 tablet more palatable for users.

Intel-generated benchmarks suggest that the Bay Trail version of the Atom processor is providing a much-needed power boost for Windows tablets.

The Toshiba Encore. (Credit: Rich Trenholm/CNET)

The Bay Trail Atoms have been built with tablets in mind, and should be able to add the processing power that Windows 8.1 needs, while still keeping their power draw low enough for a mobile device.

Bay Trail uses "out-of-order execution", which is similar to what Intel uses in its mainstream Haswell processors.

Anandtech has posted some data from Intel on the Bay Trail Atom that suggests it can provide three times the power of the current generation of Atom processors. Of course, this data has yet to be independently verified.

The 8-inch Toshiba Encore will be the first Windows 8.1 tablet to feature the new CPU, although it has met with mixed reports from people who have used the device.

Bay Trail performance compared. Note that these are non-independent benchmarks generated by Intel. (Credit: Anandtech)