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Windows phone date bug appears limited

Microsoft said that "only a small percentage" of phones are encountering the problem, which causes text messages to show up as if they were sent in 2016.

Microsoft said late Monday that a text message problem with certain Windows Mobile phones appears to be limited to a small percentage of devices.

Since earlier this month, some phones have been receiving text messages that appear to be coming from the future--2016, to be specific. The problem appears to be limited to HTC phones running on Sprint's network.

Microsoft said on Monday that its partners, whom it did not identify by name, are working on a solution.

"Working with our partners, we've determined that the issue impacts only a small percentage of phones," a Microsoft representative said in a statement. "Our partners are working on a fix and will provide more details shortly."

For an interesting, and sometimes amusing take on the problem, check out this thread on Sprint's community forums.

Has anyone had text messages from the future showing up on devices other than those from HTC or on networks other than Sprint?