Windows 8 leaks as Microsoft rushes to rename Metro

Windows 8 has leaked onto file sharing sites, while Microsoft is looking to rename its 'Metro' interface.

Microsoft is having a rough end to the week as its newest software, Windows 8, has leaked online, putting the finished version of its upcoming update in the hands of pirates.

The final touches have only just been put to Windows 8, with Microsoft confirming this week that the RTM (release to manufacturers) version was ready, meaning other companies could start using the finished software.

Now The Verge reports that an Enterprise version of Windows 8 has leaked online, far ahead of the software's official 26 October release date. It's an 'N' edition apparently, which means it doesn't come bundled with Windows Media Player.

I wouldn't recommend seeking out the leaked version mind, as putting a dodgy operating system on your computer can have unfortunate consequences. While piracy is more or less inevitable with a software release this massive, I think the low upgrade cost of $40 (which equates to about £25 in British coin, though there's no official UK pricing yet), could put many Internet denizens off illegally downloading the patchwork platform.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is hurrying to ditch the 'Metro' name it's been giving to its swanky tile-based interface. First seen on Windows Phone and now all grown up on Windows 8, The Verge reckons an internal memo points to an imminent renaming for Metro.

That's apparently in the wake of 'discussions with an important European partner', and will see Microsoft rushing to find a replacement term by the end of this week. Until then, it's said to be called 'Windows 8 style UI', which I think actually does the job rather well.

Any suggestions? How about Rainbow Squares? Squares Wally? Tile Town? Save Me From the Terminator, Tile Reese? Pop your own (much better) suggestions in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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