Windows 8 and Android dual-booting tablet teased by Asus

Asus has released a teaser video that hints at a dual-booting device, running both Android and Windows 8.

Asus has released a teaser video that hints at a soon-to-be-announced dual-booting device that's running both Android and Windows 8.

The unusual union is tipped in Asus' clip, which cryptically shows droplets of water running into each other. One droplet splits to reveal both the new Metro-infused Windows 8 logo, and the friendly Android robot.

Asus is the company behind the Transformer Prime tablet, which offers a keyboard dock for rapid typing. It makes sense that the company would follow that up with another tablet, and both Android and Windows 8 are designed for touchscreen devices.

The video is accompanied by the confusing text, "All-in-One is no longer in one" however, so perhaps a desktop computer could be on the cards.

There are other tablet hints to be found though. A second, less helpful clip shows card marked 'Tai' and Chi' spinning around, leaving you with the impression of a black rectangle. Meanwhile an earlier teaser video reads, "Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build you own" and shows two translucent rectangles at right angles, Transformer Prime-style.

Asus is keen on slotting gadgets into other gadgets -- as well as the Prime, it's made the PadFone, an Android smart phone that slots into a tablet.

We'll know for sure on Monday, when Asus reveals its new toy at the Computex trade show. That''s not long to wait, so hold tight gadget fans, and watch all three of Asus' teaser clips in the videos below.

Windows 8 and Android may seem like strange bedfellows, so I'm keen to see what Asus is cooking up. Perhaps the Taiwanese company's plan is to build a machine with the Metro chic of Windows 8, that can also run the wealth of apps available for Android.

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