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Will Robinson is no longer in danger

'Robot' is for sale at a paltry $24,500


Ever since we were reminded of Uncle Fester's lightbulb last week, we've been reminiscing about old TV shows. And then, by the miracle of coincidence, today we see the ultimate example of Hollywood's version of technology from the '60s: "Robot" from Lost in Space. (That would be the original TV series, not that pathetic movie with Matt LeBlanc.)

Thanks to Technabob, we learned that "Robot B9"--we never knew his full name--has been resurrected in the form of a full-size replica for sale to the public at a mere $24,500. But before you choke your Tang, be aware that this is no cheapo repro: "Each robot is crafted from steel, acrylic, aluminum rubber and other materials and doesn't skimp on construction in any way. B9 has a number of animated movements and a digital audio system loaded with over 500 tracks from the original actor who voiced the original robot on TV," Techabob says.

The best part of all? It has a remote. Which means that, if we can ever save up enough for one, our neighborhood will never be the same.