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Wii Fat: How to cheat at Wii Fit

Wii Fit is about losing weight and having fun. It got a bit tiring, so here's Crave's version: Wii Fat -- it's the four best ways to play Wii Fit, retain your beloved flab and remain affixed to the sofa with beer and cheese

It's no secret that one of America's biggest contributions to Western society has been fat people. And it's spreading. Britain is becoming as bloated as our overseas friends and all it's doing is giving Daily Mail readers more things to complain about.

Fortunately, Japan stepped in and gave us Wii Fit. It was the East's way of saying, "Oh hai, you no can has cheezburger, you can has rice and exercise. It build small stomach, happy mind, rich experiences for all family!"

But some people just want to play cool games and not lose any weight. Here are four ways to abuse the fundamental principles of Wii Fit, without losing out on any of the balance board-fuelled fun. Go nuts (on nuts), podgesters! -Nate Lanxon