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Why one Mac owner might go back to Windows

To many Macintosh owners, it is anathema even to suggest that Apple computers are anything but vastly superior to Windows PCs. But that is exactly what one of them is saying--and he's so disenchanted that he might switch back to a Microsoft machine.

Windows vs. Mac

Normally, such blasphemous talk might be easily dismissed for its inanity, insanity or both. But the comments have generated particular controversy because Russell Beattie, an experienced software developer who works for Yahoo, has never been known as a booster for Windows. In a list of 33 complaints, he begins with this entry: "Anyone who says that Macs are more stable than Windows are smoking dope. I have two brand new Macs and they regularly go wacky and need reboots."

Beattie has received so much response that some bloggers are running excerpts of the many retorts.

Blog community response:

"The majority of Russell's complaints have primarily to do with his dislike of applications. So Russell, if you prefer Windoze, then by all means, go and do it--switch back. But don't go trying to turn your preferences into computing axioms."

"While I don't plan to switch back, I share a lot of his frustrations...I can't repeat enough times how frustrating the inconsistent interface is to me, or how much it sucks that my nearly $4000 top-of-the-line Mac laptop chokes on portions of Dungeon Seige--a game that's been out for FIVE YEARS--can't run Doom 3 at all."

"Russell Beattie pulls the standard old blog trick. Tells the world that he's thinking of switching away from his Mac and back to Windows. That always generates lots of traffic and gets lots of links. Me? I can't buy this kind of publicity."