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Who's that blonde on your mobile?

American media giant CBS is hoping the blonde on your cell phone is going to be actress Ashley Hartmann. The old media company has dubbed Ashley their "wireless hostess."

Warning! Her Web site is powder blue.

So, you can take the cell phone out of Hollywood, but how are you going keep Hollywood out of your phone? Will CBS and other traditional media companies be able to transfer the star system to individuals' mobile phones? Will we depend on a digital, 2D guide through digispace?

That's what CBS is counting on. Not only will you want the best looking new Razr or Chocolate, you're going to go for content with the best-looking hostess--or the coolest. Are we going to have Stephen Colbert introducing us to Comedy Central snippets? Maria Sharapova pitching ESPN highlights?

CBS's pitch: "Having a personality that consumers associate with CBS Mobile is going to make it easier for users to identify and navigate CBS's wireless offerings. CBS is the first major media company to exclusively sign a 'face for wireless' and we're very happy to have found Ashley, who is dynamic, entertaining and a great hostess for our mobile content...."

So, consumer/users: What are you going to do about that smiling face in the little screen? Ashley will be thrilled to add "face for wireless" to her resume. I'm grateful that they picked this blonde at CBS. If it had been just more of Katie Couric, I might have never recharged my mobile phone.