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White Samsung Galaxy Nexus incoming

A white version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be arriving soon, with a 32GB black version also en route.

A white version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be arriving soon, satisfying our lust for pearlescent versions of existing gadgets.

The winter-hued Nexus will be arriving in two weeks, according to Expansys, though other online retailers such as Clove and MobileFun are giving dates of 6 February.

Expect to splash out about £500 for the privilege of nabbing the white Nexus SIM-free -- an amount our resident finance experts can confirm is quite a lot of money. 

A white Galaxy Nexus isn't the only good bit of Nexus news. A 32GB black version also en route, so if you've been eyeing this hi-res honey from afar but can't commit to something with just 16GB of storage space, this could seal the deal.

Expansys has opened pre-order for the 32GB edition, though the price and date are yet to be confirmed.

Samsung enjoys decking its popular mobiles out in tasteful white -- the white Samsung Galaxy S2 wowed us with its astonishingly different colour when it hit the shelves in August last year.

There's a pink version of the S2 out there as well, but you'd have to go to Sweden and be on Three to get it. Fingers crossed it pops up over here at some point.

How do you feel about white versions of phones? A pointless purchase, or a good-looking alternative? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall