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Which 'Lost' character are you?

ABC's hit TV series "Lost" has gained a massive following, not just for its "X-Files"-esque supernatural mysteries, but also for its large cast of unique characters, all arguably worthy of their own shows. And, be it stern and misunderstood Jin or ever-lovable Hurley, any fan of the addictive drama has a favorite character.

Now fans can take a quick online quiz to see which characters they most resemble, by rating how true certain statements are for them. Some of the traits are pretty transparent to anyone who's an avid watcher ("You love peanut butter," or "You can speak English but nobody knows"), but others are more vague, so the results can still be a surprise. It's not exactly rocket science, but hey, some of us need to get our fix however we can until the next episode airs. Does that make me a Charlie?