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What's in a name?

In a shocking turn of events, bloggers are upset with Microsoft.

This time, the hubbub surrounds, not a new technology, but what to call the new technology. Microsoft's recent release of the beta version of Internet Explorer included some tweaks in how Microsoft handles RSS feeds. A Microsoft programmer noted on a blog that "In Beta 1, we're calling them "web feeds." We're still actively exploring what is the right name to use for RSS feeds, so if you have any ideas or opinions, please post to comments."

That touched off a minor controversy, with RSS fans claiming that Microsoft must have had some ulterior motive, and was perhaps trying to subvert the technology.

Microsoft has tried to assuage fears, with the lead program manager of Microsoft's blogging platform posting on his blog that "Despite the fact that the media thinks Microsoft doesn't like RSS and wants it to go away, the reality is most of us love it, myself included... Don't believe the hype."

However, it seems not everyone has been convinced.

Blog community response:

"They will pay a price, because all their hard work in RSS will be for naught. How can you claim to support a feature when the name of the feature appears nowhere?"
--Dave Winer

"Microsoft...taking over a successful open standard...what will happen next? Reality time. Microsoft will do whatever it wants. People will use RSS/Atom and it will continue to work. It will not work with whatever solution Microsoft decides to it into...much like DNS, DHCP, Kerberos...need I continue?"
--Musings from the Back Room

"I understand why Dave is mad, but the issue goes beyond Microsoft calling RSS Feeds, Web Feeds. That issue is people will still not have a clue as to what RSS is and how it has changed the way we get our information from the net."
--Geek News Central