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What happens in Vegas goes on the blog

(parent.thesis) writer Amy Tiemann kicks off her CES blog as part of CNET's Backstage blogging crew.

I'm reporting live from Las Vegas as part of CNET's CES 2008 Backstage Blogging Crew. This is my first trip to the world's largest tech show and I am eager to get a sneak preview of all the cool things that will coming out this year.

I arrived here in Las Vegas with an open mind rather than a long wish list. If I had to pose one preview question, it would be to wonder whether this is the year when digital photo and video finally converge into one oh-so-cool gadget. And if so, will it be a more traditional still camera that also does video well, or a video camera that takes great still photos? Or maybe a totally new device whose parentage can't be easily traced? I've explored some of these hybrids in the past but found that the still photo quality wasn't to my liking, and that function must be excellent. I won't name any names yet because this week I'll see the newest generation of everything!

As a busy parent my key word is convenience. I have an excellent video camera that I hardly ever bring with me because it's like carrying an extra purse. I am more likely to pull out my portable, tried and true Canon Powershot SD 550 and use it to capture a little video. This is very convenient but I am yearning for a camera that can truly do it all well, and has enough memory to be a serious video contender.

The fun and games start tomorrow, so check back for the latest developments and (parent.thesis) finds. Right now I'm off to meet the CNET gang!