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Welcome to the brand-new, global CNET

CNET UK and have merged to bring you even more tech news, reviews, videos and how-tos than ever before.

The new CNET is ready for launch. Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

CNET has been around since 1994, through many redesigns and iterations. Today, I am proud to show off our biggest change so far: CNET UK has merged with to bring you better coverage than ever, under a single banner.

We'll be working with our colleagues in New York, San Francisco and soon from Singapore and Sydney, to bring you the very best tech coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This means more reviews, news and videos for you, more often. UK people will continue to see prices in pounds, and the London team will still be covering the tech stories that matter in the UK. But you'll also be able to see our coverage from around the rest of the world in one place without having to switch to a different CNET website.


If you're looking at this site from the UK, then you should have the UK edition selected by default. On the desktop, look at the top right of your screen and select it if not. Currently, selecting the UK or US edition changes what you see on this website, with the other options redirecting you to different CNET websites based in those countries.

The UK and US edition options change the stories you see on the homepage of the website, together with the currency and pricing we display in the reviews section. But don't worry that you'll only see a small subset of content if you choose the UK edition. It doesn't prevent you viewing content published just in the US edition (say a story about Verizon's new tariff for US customers), it just surfaces the stories most relevant to us in Britain.

Otherwise, the site should be fairly self explanatory: click the various categories under reviews to find the perfect product for you. Plus there are tabs for the latest news, how tos and videos.

Behind the scenes, we've completely re-built the site. That means we'll be able to publish more and faster, but please let me know in the comments if you encounter anything that doesn't look quite right while we stabilise the new platform. See you around on the new site.