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Week-end Updates: Speed Doubler 1.3.3 and more

Week-end Updates: Speed Doubler 1.3.3 and more

a. Connectix has released Speed Doubler 1.3.3, an update for those who still have not updated to Speed Doubler 2.x (first spotted this on Version Tracker). It fixes a few bugs including: "Attempts to copy a folder into another folder inside the first are detected. Attempts to replace a folder with a folder inside the first are detected."

b. Fonts Manager has a very minor update (Mac OS 8 TrueType font suitcase 'Truth' now called 'Charcoal') to version 3.6.7.

c. Three utilities in the Download Library authored by Alessandro Levi Montalcini have been updated: List Files 2.6, NoDesktopCleanup 1.4 and PowerPCheck 3.2.

d. Version 3.0 of Helium is out. This is a Balloon Help enhancement utility: "With Helium installed, users can press a key combination to instantly see the balloon help for whatever's under the cursor on the screen, without having to turn Balloon Help on (and off again)."

e. Casady & Greene has a Conflict Catcher 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 Updater available at their web site.

f. Screen Gear 1.1.1 is out. It's a shareware screen saver that also plays QuickTime movies and AIFF sound files as well as displaying PICT and JPEG images.

g. Stephen Giles alerted me to a new substitute for Apple's Monitor Resolution Control Strip module. It's called called Multi-Resolutions (for PCI Macs only) and Stephen says he prefers it over Apple's module. However, Robert Hebertson reports that the module conflicted with his Twin-Turbo card, causing the monitor to go blank (into sleep mode) at startup just before the Finder loads.

h. Sven Berg Ryen informs me that SchemeChecker (mentioned here the other day) has just been upgraded to version 1.0b9.

i. Font Reserve 1.0 (for PowerPC Macs only) is out. In brief: "With Font Reserve, the user no longer needs to deal with the complexities of managing font files. Font files, including suitcases, still exist, but they are hidden from the user and managed transparently by the Font Reserve database." To check it out, download Font Reserve Lite, a fully functional demonstration version. A 68K version should be released in July.

j. Resource Remover 2.0 is out. It does what its name implies, in order to optimize files for web use.