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Webware 100 winner: 30 Boxes

30 Boxes is an online calendar tool.

      30 Boxes is an online calendaring tool. Instead of clicking on dates and times to enter appointments, you can type in its single entry box something like, "Lunch, noon Friday with Frank," and it will create the appointment based on that.

      Despite its simplicity, it's more than an events calendar with a rudimentary understanding of scheduling grammar. It's also an aggregation service for time-based updates from your social sites and for those of your friends. For example, 30 Boxes will put your blog updates, Twitter messages, calendar items, and Flickr photos on your calendar, as well as those from your friends.

      The service has a to-do list miniapplication as well, and it has its own e-mail application, called Supermail, that you can use to send Web links. It tracks responses to your e-mails--when users open the message or click on the links you send, you're alerted in 30 Boxes.

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      Category: Productivity