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Watch out, Siri: Cortana is coming to Windows

Microsoft packs plenty of personality and brains into its virtual assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. Learn about her abilities, as well as other updates coming to Windows operating systems.

CNET Update likes a phone with attitude:

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In this episode of Update, get to know Microsoft's new voice-activated virtual assistant, Cortana . She's able to give personalized help, such as reminding you when traffic is bad on the way to an appointment. She can even set reminders for the next time you talk to someone on your contact list.

Cortana is still in beta, and will be released to Windows Phone in the coming months, along with other mobile updates .

Helpful changes are also coming to the main Windows 8.1 operating system, including a new taskbar for the desktop. That will be released as a free download on April 8.

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