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Wannabe Roombas suck up dirt, exude cute

Robots that clean up your household messes.

These little guys got me thinking: what's the least important feature of a gadget?

Functionality? Probably not. Price? Arguable. Cuteness factor? Absolutely.

Robot vacuum cleaner
Perpetual Kid

The Robo Vacuums from Perpetual Kid are cuteness on steroids. And that's why these wannabe Roombas, spotted at Boing Boing Gadgets, for $15 each are probably not super effective. (But no matter! We here at Crave love useless eye candy.)

The Robo Vacuum is a smaller, cheaper version of the Roomba, the robot vacuum that does your dirty work for you. That is, you click it on, and it buzzes around your house, sucking up dirt so you don't have to. It comes in red, white, and black, and needs just two AA batteries.

This also gives me the opportunity to share one of my favorite CNET videos, where one of our reporters took the Roomba home for the day. Enjoy.