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Vuzix glasses see iPhone in 3D

Now iPhone users can see 3D films with new Vuzix iWear glasses, or by picking up a new (and pricey) cable to be used with an older pair from the company.

The 3D hype that has occasionally surrounded movies and video games is now coming to a cell phone near you.

Vuzix on Thursday announced that its 3D glasses are now compatible with the iPhone, but it won't be cheap to get in on the 3D action.


The iPhone-compatible Vuzix iWear AV230XL is now available for $199. For people who happen to already have Vuzix 3D eyewear, the company is also selling a cable for $39.95 that will make other models work with the iPhone.

3D content is becoming more prevalent. Nvidia, among others, are increasingly promoting 3D video games. And 3D films are getting a revival, with the recent "Coraline" and "Monsters vs. Aliens" movies. James Cameron's big-budget 3D film, "Avatar," is due out around the holidays and is already generating buzz.

While it's expensive to retrofit movie theaters for 3D films, 3D technology for the home market is getting more affordable and more readily available, according to Vuzix. Whether the company promotions that appear every now and then will make 3D video anything more than a reoccurring fad is yet to be seen. People who remember the 3D-movie pushes in the '50s and '70s will likely remain skeptical.

Selecting 3D content from the overall ocean of films and games being released can be tricky, but a Vuzix spokesman said that "Vuzix has put together a sort of iTunes for 3D content. It should be launched soon."