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Vodafone Magic pricing cheaper than 3

Vodafone has announced pricing for the soon-to-be-released HTC Magic, and its price is significantly cheaper than competitor 3 Mobile.

(Credit: HTC/CNET Australia)

Vodafone Australia today announced pricing for the soon-to-be-released HTC Magic offering a fully subsidised handset on a $69 capped plan, which is $30 cheaper per month than merge partner 3 Mobile for a contract without handset repayments.

Vodafone's Magic plan is for a term of 24 months and includes $400 towards calls and messaging plus 1GB of mobile internet data each month. In comparison, 3 customers would need to add $10 per month for handset repayments to a $69 plan, plus add a further $10 per month for 1GB of data with 3's X-Series data plan. 3 customers, however, will enjoy $650 talk time at this price point.

The HTC Magic is the second phone to feature Google's Android operating platform to be released in Australia. Vodafone and 3 will offer different versions of the handset, with Vodafone's featuring built-in geotagging and over-the-air firmware updates, while 3's will feature pre-installed support for Microsoft Exchange email servers.

Vodafone also announced that the phone will be available to order online on 4 June and in stores 10 June.