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Media Streamers

Vodafone knocks £5 off Google Chromecast if you're on 4G

Vodafone's 4G customers get a discount on the already wallet-friendly media streaming stick.


Vodafone is the first UK network to sell the Google Chromecast as it expands the bonuses available to customers, especially 4G subscribers who get a discount on the cheapo streaming stick.

The Chromecast is a small device -- about the size of a USB stick -- that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. It connects your television to your phone, tablet or computer, streaming movies, music and TV shows onto the bigger screen.

Chromecast works with Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows PCs and Macs.

Voda's 4G packages come with a choice of Netflix, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile TV. If you buy a Chromecast too, they can enjoy their selected media package on their TV instead of just on their phone or tablet.

Vodafone Red 4G customers pay £25 for the Chromecast, saving a fiver on the usual £30 price. Any Vodafone customer can buy it for £30.

Media streaming devices have become highly affordable over the last year, with the likes of the Chromecast and the £10 Sky Now TV Box challenging more expensive devices like the Apple TV.

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