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Vodafone gets 4G speed boost with LTE-Advanced launch

Faster data transfer is coming to London, Manchester and Birmingham this month.


Vodafone is giving its 4G speeds a boost with the launch on its network of Carrier Aggregation , also known as LTE-Advanced.

Just over a year after the launch of a 4G network, Vodafone will offer even faster data speed in Birmingham, Manchester and London this month. The LTE-Advanced option will reach other UK cities during the rest of this year and throughout 2015.

Vodafone reckons that Carrier Aggregation can deliver theoretical peak speeds that are up to three times greater than current 4G. Unfortunately you do need a phone that's compatible with LTE-A technology to enjoy the extra speed, and most 4G phones currently on sale haven't reached that point yet. The latest iPhone 6 is one of the devices that supports it, as well as the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge .

Vodafone asserts the new enhanced signal will improve your phone signal indoors, where it's harder for signal to penetrate walls and floors. Lower frequency signals travel further and can penetrate obstacles better, and Vodafone owns a chunk of spectrum in the lower 800MHz frequency.

EE, which became the UK's first 4G network two years ago, followed that with an LTE-Advanced service in London last year.

Meanwhile Vodafone has expanded 4G roaming to countries including Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, taking the total number of destinations in which you have access to fast data to 23, including France, Spain and the US.