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Vodafone adds 4GB of data to 4G, as EE hit 1 million mark

The UK's first 4G network boasts that it has met its goal to get a million customers signed up before 2014.

Vodafone is chucking an extra glob of data onto its 4G tariffs, in a bid to make its next-generation network more appealing to shoppers.

On its official blog, the red-hued operator says it will be "Adding an extra 4GB of data to all existing and new customer plans."

For example, Vodafone's cheapest 24-month 4G tariff costs £34 and gets you 2GB of data -- now under these new terms you'll get 6GB of data instead, for the length of your contract.

To get the extra data you'll need to sign up for 4G before the end of October, which is risky as there's currently limited coverage, but that is a decent amount of data to get bundled in. Vodafone also gives you unlimited 4G data for the first three months of your contract.

New 4G towns

Vodafone also says it'll be turning on 4G in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on 28 September, expanding its reach slightly.

EE milestone

EE meanwhile is boasting that it's managed to muster a cool million 4G customers, ahead of its self-imposed schedule.

EE, the UK's first LTE network, said it wanted 1 million customers before 2014, a target that it's smashed four months before the year's end.

Of course, EE wasn't likely to publicly announce a goal it didn't think it would meet, but the high figure does suggest that Brits have a healthy interest in getting onto 4G networks.

EE launched its speedy LTE network in the last few months of 2012, boasting in July that it had 700,000 paying customers and was "on track" to meet the 1 million milestone it's just passed.

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