Video: Toshiba TG01 1GHz Windows Mobile hands-on

Watch our video of the first mobile phone with a 1GHz chip inside -- can it overcome the dreary slowness of Windows Mobile? Plus you can shake it to operate it too!

One of our most frequent complaints about Windows Mobile, or Windows Phone as it will come to be known soon, is that it runs so sloooowly. Not a day goes by when someone in the office doesn't curse the work HTC phones we have been issued for their lagginess.

Enter the Toshiba TG01, which uses raw processing speed to overcome the Windows Mobile sluggishness. It's the first phone we've seen to be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and from the short time we have spent with it, we can confirm that it does the trick in the swiftness department.

There's plenty of other cool technology inside the phone though, including a 104mm (4.1-inch) touchscreen, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi -- but the one feature that got us really excited is something called 'active shake operation'.

This is a customisable input that lets you switch to the home screen, for example, by shaking the phone or double-tapping the rear to pull up the task manager, say. Take a look at our video hands-on to see how it works, together with a preview of the extra software Toshiba has grafted on top of the standard Windows Mobile gubbins, in an attempt to make the whole thing more usable.

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