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Video reviews round-up: Serving up aces

It's Wimbledon time and we've got some top seeds of our own in this video reviews round-up -- they're sweeter than strawberries and cream

Put away your preposterous Ascot hat and get out your crisp whites -- it's Wimbledon time. We've got some top seeds of our own in this video reviews round-up and they're sweeter than strawberries and cream.

Panasonic continues its winning streak with compact cameras in the Panasonic Lumix DMC- FX500 video review. This 10-megapixel point-and-shoot has a fantastic lens and a responsive 76mm (3-inch) touchscreen round the back. There are almost too many features to list, but you can watch Rich give it a go in the video.

In the Hitachi UT42-XV700 video review, Ian realises there's a slight problem with this TV -- without a built-in Freeview tuner, does it really count as a television? While perhaps 'screen' is a better word, this ultra-thin 42-incher -- aka the Hitachi Wooo -- packs an incredible amount of viewing quality for those of you who already own external devices. If you've recently come into some money, this could be the screen for you.

We're not so sure if we'd want to have it sitting on our desks, but check out the Dell Crystal video review to decide if you like this 22-inch monitor's tempered glass design. It's certainly a conversation piece -- and an expensive one at that.

One thing we're sure of is your necks will thank you for a break in the side-to-side action. -Shannon Doubleday