Video: Gail Porter and Rory Reid star in our oddest video yet

Ever wondered what would happen if Gail Porter and Rory Reid were put in a London taxi together? Us neither, but prepare to find out in this deeply bonkers video


Stand by for one of the strangest viewing experiences you're likely to see on CNET UK. Imagine you work for Dell, right? Okay, now imagine you want to promote its new slim Adamo laptop -- but there's a problem.

When the Adamo was on the drawing board, a £2,000 computer seemed like it could work wonders, providing it looked stylish. Then the recession hit, and suddenly price is an awful lot more important than looks (unless you're Apple). You need a new plan -- a cunning stunt designed to reach the people directly, bypassing cynical tech hacks like us.

So what do you do? Hire 1990s lad-mag favourite Gail Porter to sit in the back of a taxi and give members of the public a quiz, of course! Plus shoehorn the Dell Mini 10 netbook into the mix too. Oh, but before Gail is unleashed on the public, Dell gives the hacks a chance to experience what's in store first-hand.

With that in mind, dear potential viewer, we give you the Gail Porter/Rory Reid experience.

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